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One of the “Five Grand Places” in Seoul dating from the Joseon Dynasty, Changdeokgung may have been the secondary palace in the royal pecking order (beneath the larger Gyeongbokgung), but for .

Cold, windy and dry, winter is a nightmare for skin care. January in the capital of South Korea can make you wonder if humans were meant to hibernate after all. But fight the cold-induced lethargy, put on a coat and go outside. Not only do you save on heating and cable bills, but more importantly, these exclusively winter activities will make it worth it. Eat winter street food The delicious winter taste of chestnuts. Winter in Seoul would not be the same without the scent of roasting sweet potatoes dominating street corners and subway exits, or the glow of nugget-shaped chestnuts baking on beds of coal.

Related content Best Korean dishes: You can usually find street food sellers all around subway stops in Seoul, but for these rarer treats try some of Seoul’s older districts — Jongno, Jonggak and Insadong. Others are saddled with children. But all are Snow Busters. Popular amusement park Everland stays seasonally relevant with its winter offerings, namely its huge sledding hill, the Snow Buster. Everland provides the slope, the snow and the sleds. There are additional conveniences for lazy Seoulites, such as heated lounges selling refreshments and the “tube lift,” which minimizes trudge time.

You can think of it like a type of conveyor built.

25 Romantic Things to do in Seoul

Seoul is a city for couples. Everyone you turn, there seem to be young pairs with hands locked, oblivious to the bustle around them. Needless to say, it can be hard to stand out.

If you’re not too familiar with Seoul but have a date setup, you might be wondering where to go for your date. Luckily for you, Seoul has a number of romantic and .

Luckily for you, Seoul has a number of romantic and fun places with good food, good drinks, and tons of activities. There are plenty of options for dates in Seoul, but here are five of some of the most popular date spots! Grab dinner at some of the nice restaurants that can be found along the stream, then head over to any number of cafes where you can get your favorite drinks and head over to Cheonggye Stream.

One of the requisites of a date is to have some time to just hang out and chat. And Cheonggye Stream is a great place for a date in Seoul just for that reason. You can sit by the stream and dip your feet in the water and just have a nice casual conversation with your date. How can a date in Seoul get more romantic than making a wish together with that special someone? In addition, there are also famous art galleries as part of neighborhood sites to see.

It is one of the last few protected remnants of traditional Korean homes hanok in Seoul making it a site to see for visitors and residents who are looking for a romantic spot.

Sex In Seoul’s Best Places

Believe it or not but many beautiful Korean women are looking for a guy like you. Know where to find them and you’ve got potential Korean dates. After living in Korea for 5 years I found that the best 3 places for meeting single Korean women in Korea are

High places: 63 City Building, Lotte Tower, Namsan tower and etc. There are usually restaurants or/and observation decks in Seoul high rises. I think giving a call to the building rep for the propose would be a good idea, as they could already have a program for you.

The only problem is, you can only go once a year, in mid-April, if the weather is on your side. One of the best places to see the cherry blossoms is during the Yeouido Cherry Blossom Festival. With over 1, cherry blossom trees creating a canopy of pink around the island, Yeouido becomes a cocoon of pink flowers and blossoms. The streets are lined with vendors and there are musical performances to watch and enjoy. Yeouinaru Station, Line 5, Exit 1 Han River A stroll along the Han River, a picnic by the lapping water with a blanket and some drinks, what more could you ask for?

Don a lifejacket, hop in a duck shaped pedal boat and take your date for a spin around the river. Be careful not to crash into any other ducks along the way. A lesson in working together if anything! My boyfriend and I were useless. Rent a bike, hit the pathway and go exploring along the river. Flowing through the heart of Seoul, this stream starts at City Hall and flows for 5.

Great Spring & Summer Date Spots in Seoul

Why did you go to Seoul and how long did you spend there? I moved to Seoul in August of to teach English. I had recently graduated from University in Wisconsin, and I realized that it was a great opportunity to travel the world. I heard great things about Seoul, so without thinking twice, I signed the contract.

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Planning your trip Explore Essentials Books Features Korea is still something of an unknown territory, and more than half of all its visitors get no further than Seoul. One of the largest and most technically advanced cities in the world, the capital regularly confounds expectations by proving itself steeped in history. Here, fourteenth-century palaces, imperial gardens, teeming markets and secluded tearooms continue to exude charm among a maze of skyscrapers and shopping malls.

From Seoul, anywhere in the country is reachable within a day, but the best day-trip by far is to the DMZ , the strip of land that separates the two Koreas from coast to coast. Gyeonggi , the province that surrounds Seoul, is a largely unappealing area dissected by the roads and railways that snake their way into the capital, but two of its cities certainly deserve a visit: Suwon , home to a wonderful UNESCO-listed fortress dating from the late eighteenth century; and cosmopolitan Incheon , where you can eat some of the best food in the country before making your way to the islands of the West Sea.

By contrast, the neighbouring province of Gangwon is unspoilt and stuffed full of attractions — in addition to a number of national parks, of which craggy Seoraksan is the most visited, you can head to the unspoilt beaches and colossal caves that surround the small city of Samcheok , or peek inside a genuine American warship and North Korean submarine north of the sleepy fishing village of Jeongdongjin. Although less picturesque as a town, Andong is almost as relaxed as Gyeongju, and a superb base from which to access Dosan Seowon , a remote Confucian academy, and the charmingly dusty village of Hahoe , a functioning showcase of traditional Korean life.

Even more characterful are the Jeolla provinces, which make up the southwest of the peninsula. Violent political protests took place in regional capital Gwangju as recently as , though the city has reinvented itself to become one of the artiest and most business-savvy in the land. Jeonju has a similar feel, plus a delightful district of traditional hanok housing, and is justly famed for its wonderful, flavoursome cuisine. Earthy Mokpo is the hub for ferry trips to a mind-boggling number of West Sea islands, dotted with fishing communities where life has changed little in decades, while inland there are a number of excellent national parks.

The Chungcheong provinces at the centre of the country are bypassed by many travellers, but this is a shame, as they contain some fine sights.

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In a way, they are better than Japanese women because Japanese women are well-known for their low libido. In contrast, Korean women have higher libido. Go to nightclubs where Westerners frequent in Seoul. In Asian culture , going to nightclubs is not an activity that Asian people usually do, and Asians think Westerners love going to nightclubs. And some Seoul girls only go to nightclubs where westerners frequent, because they want to meet Westerners who are like you!

Another benefit of going to nightclubs is:

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If you want to take your better half to a unique and unforgettable date, Seoul is the place to go. Check out the 10 Best spots to go on a date in Seoul, which will make your significant other fall in love with you even more. Cheonggyecheon Stream Cheonggyecheon is a beautiful recreation area built around a stream and located in the heart of Seoul.

The walking path goes on for kilometers and is especially beautiful at night or during the countless art festivals being held here. Cheonggyecheon is an idyllic, romantic and unique place to take your significant other: A special movie experience Everyone knows watching movies as part of the typical —not so exciting- date. Korea takes cinemas to the next level. If you really want to impress your date, go to Cine de Chef, which combines a luxurious movie experience with massage chairs and fine dining.

Or if you want some more action, check out the 4D theaters. You see, there are plenty of opportunities to make a movie date special and exciting. From N Tower, you certainly have the best degrees view on Seoul. We totally recommend going there at night, because the view will be much more stunning!

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It was built in , but most of the buildings were destroyed during the Japanese occupation in It has since been refurbished and stands as a historical landmark for Korean history. The top of the Seoul Tower offers a degree view of the city.

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Courtesy Westin Chosun Along with its extremely modern next-door neighbor, The Plaza, the recently renovated Westin Chosun has Seoul’s best location for the business traveler or first-time visitor. The Lotte Department Store and Myeong-dong shopping district are a few steps away, as is the Euljiro ga subway station. The hotel’s deli, Vecchia and Nuovo, has some of the tastiest sandwiches in Seoul — the chicken curry is near perfect.

Mid-range IP Boutique Hotel With its distinctive, multicolored exterior, the IP Boutique Hotel manages to be an Itaewon landmark without quite joining the chaos of the party district in earnest. The lobby is open and sociable and the location is ideal. IP Boutique hotel straddles the parties of the Itaewon strip on one side — walk toward Itaewon Station and you’ll pass hotspots like Boom Bar and B1one before hitting Glam — and the quiet, pretty neighborhood of Hannamdong on the other.

Ibis Myeongdong Among budget hotels, the Ibis Myeongdong’s selling point is location. The hotel itself is basic, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

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