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Here are some of the top trends in bar mitzvahs for Top bar mitzvah themes for Star Wars: One detail to consider: Add in tailgate or stadium-inspired menu items and drinks to your party catering list, and the experience turns interactive for guests, a big draw in NJ bar mitzvah planning. Bar mitzvah menus are more elaborate with multiple serving times: NJ bar mitzvahs often include extensive cocktail party menu choices, gourmet multiple-course dinners, extravagant dessert hour and cakes, and late-night bites served towards the closing hours of the party when guests may have been dancing for hours, hungry again hours after dinner.


Share A seudat mitzvah Hebrew: Seudot fixed in the calendar i. Contents [ show ] Seudat Brit Milah Attendance at a brit milah circumcision and its subsequent seudah is of such great significance that Rabbi Moshe Isserles “the Rama” notes Yoreh De’ah

The very first stage of a traditional Jewish marriage, is theshidduch, or means that the process of finding a partner is not haphazard or based on purely external aspects.

Perhaps it is so you would have an extra one to donate and save a life! It’s the most expendable of organs. So giving up a kidney causes no disadvantage to your long- term health. In fact, studies have shown, that kidney donors actually live longer than the general population – because donors come from a pool of people in good health” – Dr. To give for the pure sake of giving, brings the biggest joy imaginable.

I am profoundly grateful for the opportunity that changed my life in every way. It has truly been an amazing experience that ranks right up there with the birth of my 9 children. If I could, I would do it again tomorrow.

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KABBALAH “Ben Porat Yossef” POWER RING. It is written in Hebrew “Ben Porat Yossef Ben Porat Aley Ayin” – said against the Evil Eye. For Success, Health, Abundance, Love, Matchmaking, Fertility & Protection from the Evil Eye.

In traditional Jewish literature marriage is actually called kiddushin, which translates as “sanctification” or “dedication. This means that the process of finding a partner is not haphazard or based on purely external aspects. Rather, a close friend or relative of the young man or woman, who knows someone that they feel may be a compatible partner, suggests that they meet. The purpose of the meeting is for the prospective bride and groom to determine if they are indeed compatible. The meetings usually focus on discussion of issues important to marriage as well as casual conversation.

The Talmud states that the couple must also be physically attractive to each other, something that can only be determined by meeting. According to Jewish law physical contact is not allowed between a man and a woman until they are married except for certain close relatives , and also they may not be alone together in a closed room or secluded area. This helps to ensure that one’s choice of partner will be based on the intellect and emotion as opposed to physical desire alone.

Some families sign a contract, the tenaim, meaning “conditions,” that delineates the obligations of each side regarding the wedding and a final date for the wedding.


December 22, In today’s economy, giving to charity takes on an even deeper meaning. Non-profit organizations have been hit hard, so the inclusion of tzedakah charity while planning a simcha happy occasion underscores the mitzvah in the bar or bat mitzvah celebration. Mitzvah projects can run the gamut from raising funds for universally recognized charities to helping less-known or local organizations, to creating your own, entirely novel way to help the world around you.

The Heart of the Matter – Personal Connections to Individual Organizations When an American father of two suffered a heart attack in a remote area of Israel, he and his wife believe they witnessed a miracle. Visiting a Bedouin community in the desert, he experienced those terrifying, telltale signs. Emergency medical care was summoned, and the ambulance that arrived and saved his life, it turned out, had been donated by a family from his wife’s hometown in Michigan.

Jan 01,  · Mitzvah Girls is the first book about bringing up Hasidic Jewish girls in North America, providing an in-depth look into a closed community. Ayala Fader examines language, gender, and the body from infancy to adulthood, showing how Hasidic girls /5(13).

Maimonides click to play it. Question by author Lorvanwa. God has no definable attributes Maimonides believed that God’s Will and Wisdom are the same thing, since God has no definable attributes. To the perception of man, love and judgement are opposite emotions or actions of God. But within the Divine realm they are the same. Rabbi Daniel Matt compared this idea to a lit candle, from which a multitude of other candles were lit. Though some shone brighter than others, some flickering, others steady, they were in essence the same flame, because they all shared the same source.

The same can be said of God’s perceived attributes. They are a bright light, it is the human perception that offers color and hue. In God, all exists in perfect Oneness. This is a central teaching in Kabbalah. Questions above this cannot even be formulated, no less answered. The Cohen Quiz click to play it.

Question by author satguru.


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“We don’t see things as they are, we see them as we are.” Anais Nin Your photos will show you to be beautiful/handsome/wonderful because that is how my heart.

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By Jeff Ruby Published July 24, , at 9: You start asking around for suggestions. One couple in your synagogue goes on and on about some emcee named K. All they really wanted was K.

The shidduchim are shidduchey mitzvah. There is no payment required, only patience. If you have a moment to surf my site, you can also read some of the poems I have written and view my artwork.

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